I want your attention

Do not give too much attention to what you don’t want. These could be unwanted thoughts, ill feelings, negative emotions and many other lower vibrational states. Allow these unwanted thoughts and feelings to come and go without any restrictions and judgement. Simply observe them and learn how to transcend them by constant practice.

Big question is how do you transcend these? Lift up your attention to the present moment and begin to think of the beautiful things of life you possess and can behold at this moment. Realize that you are still standing despite your past and present challenging situations. Enter into the quantum field of all possibilities, where there is no limitations or lack and see that all your needs are met. See yourself in abundance, good health, good relationship, blissful state and allow the energy of these states to fill your mind. Draw down the energy into your body and allow it to increase the vibration of your body to a higher state filled with positive vibes and peace.

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