There is no void

Know that there is no void in your life. It may seem that you have void that constantly need to be filled by friends, families and loved ones. These are all illusive social constructs that sooner or later may be shattered by usual life circumstances.

Guard jealously and selfishly the keys to your happiness, peace and senerity. No one should have access to these keys. I mean NO ONE! Construct the life you want to live with those that truly care about you. Avoid parasites by all means. These are vampires that constantly want to suck out everything they can get from you, without adding any values to you. Take full responsibility of your life willingly and with wisdom. Engage in services you are capable of, in accordance to your desires and level of enlightenment.

Find the freedom within you that is not bound by human or self imposed limitations. Think the highest things you can ever imagine and make yourself available to enjoy your current human experience to its fullness.

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