Do we have free will?

I was pondering upon the question of free will this morning (11/09/18) and it was dawned on me that we actually do have a free will. However we are not allowed by life and purpose to exercise whatever we think is our free will fully.

Life by its nature is purpose driven, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Life must live its full course and we have to surrender sooner or later to it or be broken by it if we get in the way.

If you are struggling in any area of your life, take a seat back and check whether you are navigating against the current of life. It may be that a change in the course of direction is highly needed and you must change course to have a whole new experience or continue with the struggle.

Both decisions (to continue with the struggle or change course) are very difficult to our mental self, but to progress we must try something different. Failure to do so will keep us bound in perpetual human suffering.


Today is all you have.

Live your highest ideal today.

Follow your heart today.

Do your best today.

Do not carry over the burden of yesterday into today.

Do not bring forward the weight of tomorrow’s expectations today.

Enjoy what is laid before you today.

There is nothing you can’t overcome

It doesn’t matter how many years you have been plagued by a thing or how many times you have tried and failed or how much counselling, prayers, fasting you have done. Anything you consider an issue in your life can be turned around eventually when you stop resisting, fighting it and lending your energy to it.

We are unconsciously bound by our chains and most of the times justify why we should remained bound. We accept our unpleasant situations as either divine or man- made (the victim mentality). By divine, I mean instances where we think God is punishing us or our karma from past lives is responsible for our condition. The victim mentality is an interesting one but can be simple to overcome if we begin to see those we think are oppressing us as angels waking us up.

The reality is that we are simply resisting our unique manifestation and want to hold on to our past experiences, belief and pain. We have become one with the interpretation we give to our assumed reality and the universe with our permission through the confessions we make does not have a choice, but gives us what we believe, say and think of ourselves.

Let us start now to change the perception we have of our challenging situations and begin to see them as reminders for us to rise up, be strong, harness the power inside us and manifest the infinite potentials lying dormant within ourselves. We are co-creators with the Infinite Being. It’s never too late to create the conditions of our choice. Let’s get to work. You can do it- never give up.

I want your attention

Do not give too much attention to what you don’t want. These could be unwanted thoughts, ill feelings, negative emotions and many other lower vibrational states. Allow these unwanted thoughts and feelings to come and go without any restrictions and judgement. Simply observe them and learn how to transcend them by constant practice.

Big question is how do you transcend these? Lift up your attention to the present moment and begin to think of the beautiful things of life you possess and can behold at this moment. Realize that you are still standing despite your past and present challenging situations. Enter into the quantum field of all possibilities, where there is no limitations or lack and see that all your needs are met. See yourself in abundance, good health, good relationship, blissful state and allow the energy of these states to fill your mind. Draw down the energy into your body and allow it to increase the vibration of your body to a higher state filled with positive vibes and peace.

We are powerful

We are powerful simply because we are alive and live in a body that is comprised of unbelievable intelligent designs.

Can we hold on for a moment and check out the beauty of our body, mind and the very spirit/intelligence that brings the body, mind and soul together to have a human experience? The intelligence within our body makes it possible for all parts of our body to function perfectly and seamlessly without our conscious intervention.

A study on how the cells in our body, the neurons and every single part of our being work together for our good, will help us understand how powerful we are. We now need to know this truth for ourselves and begin to drop the self-imposed, culture-imposed, media-imposed, religion-imposed limitations and start expanding to infinity.

We are what we believe of ourselves, which is another great power we have, but often used to limit ourselves. Can you remember a time when you caused something to manifest in your life? If you have, then you have tested this power within you and can access the same power to become the fullness of your potentials, with consistent practice.

It is not a lie that we are made in the image and likeness of God or Divine Intelligence. Our real self cannot be harmed, oppressed, killed, be depressed but is one with the ONE  LIFE and lives forever and forever. When we feel depressed, sad, regrets, down, let us realize that these are emotions that we can either allow to keep us in a state of powerlessness or transmute the energy to a blissful state. The spirit within us cannot be trapped by these feelings and is always ready to lift us up once we return back to the realization of who we are.

Let us know that whatever circumstance we find ourselves in, is good for us and presents an opportunity for our growth and transcendence. Let’s not waste any of them.